Generation Panels for Chinese/Japanese/Korean held a first official coordination committee

22 May, 2015

Each of Chinese Generation Panel (CGP), Japanese Generation Panel (JGP), and Korean Generation Panel (KGP) investigates the rules for TLD labels containing Han characters, and they first met for 2 days from 15 May 2015 in order to coordinate their activities and outcome. Hiro Hotta (JGP chair), Yoshiro Yoneya (JGP member), and Yuri Takamatsu (JGP secretariat) represented JGP in the meeting. Several members including their chairs join the meeting from CGP and KGP.

Han characters are used in Chinese, Japanese and Korean language communities. Therefore, CGP, JGP, and KGP investigate and try to develop the rules for TLD labels (LGRs) in their respective languages.

Many Han characters are shared by Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language communities. Therefore, a unified set of rules for Han characters have to be devised through coordination among CGP, JGP, and KGP. For this coordination, three GPs first met at the office of Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) in Seoul on 15 and 16 May 2015.

An algorithm for integration of Chinese/Japanese/Korean language LGRs proposed by JGP was formally adopted. On top of that, each GP (CGP, JGP, KGP) proposed its concept and a preliminary version of the language LGR that are to be input to the algorithm. These will be the base of further investigation by each GP and their coordination.

Not a small difference exists among the usable character sets and variants (characters that are considered to be exchangeable) in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean LGRs. Such difference makes the integration very complicated and must be overcome through detailed discussion and coordination by fine-tuning of the algorithm and each language LGR.

JGP is committed to drive forward the development of RootLGR through CGP/JGP/KGP coordination as well as cooperation with ICANN. The result of the coordination will be reflected to the Japanese LGR. JGP will communicate with the community regarding the progress of the activities constantly and will also ask for comments from the community when the draft of Japanese LGR is in good shape.

first official coordination committee

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